F.B.I Rules and Application Format

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F.B.I Rules and Application Format

Post by Naufal on Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:19 pm


The FBI is a very sensitive faction. Thus, we strictly NOT allow noobs in it. You are recommended to think twice before looking into FBI. But if you're really sure you're worth it, read the Requirements:

  • A total playing time of at least two hours.

  • A shooting skill of 7/10 or above.

  • 10 eligible posts on forum (spams won't be counted).

  • Ability to skillfully drive the Rancher.

If you've got these requirements, you will move on to the test which will be taken by the faction leader (Naufal). Here are the FBI rules that you'll HAVE to memorize for the test:

  • Do not leave FBI Vehicles outside the base.

  • Do not allow non-LEOs into the base.

  • Focus on arresting rather than killing.

  • On Rank 2 you will be provided with your personal Infernus that you can use while on duty.

  • Report any FBI Agent who does not follow these rules.


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