LSPD application format

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LSPD application format

Post by Uvais on Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:27 pm

You are going forward to apply to the Los Santos Police Dept.This is an enjoyable faction in which you have access to all places in San Andrea's except the Government and IAA building. Please follow the rules and be a good officer.You need 6/10 shooting skill and at least. Return the vehicle to its base and do not let any non-Leo into the base.Learn the rules,It will be useful
in your test.If someone saw a ls-pd vehicle outside please report in the reports vehicle.
------------------------------------------------Application Format-----------------------------------------------------
-Your in game
-At least an hour in playing
-Do you have experience in a cop?
-Why do you want to apply for this faction?
-Any friends in this faction?
-Will you follow to the LS PD rules and requirements?
You need at least 5 eligible posts in forum,Spams will not be counted.

When your application will be accepted the leader of this faction (Uvais) will take a test which includes the following:
Driving and flying an helicopter skills will be tested
Gun skills will be tested.
and you will be asked question from the rules.

Leader of this faction is Uvais.

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