Army application format.

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Army application format.

Post by Uvais on Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:53 am

You are going to apply for the heaviest force ARMY.In this you need at least 8/10 shooting.This force handles the most difficult issues around Los Santos so this faction is he heaviest faction.Think twice before applying and if you fail in your test then you have to apply after 1 week.
•You need at least 8/10 shooting skill.
•You should have at least 2 playing hours in the server.
•You should know how drive a patriot.
•You should know how to fly an hunter and hydra.
•You don't need score in Role-play.
•Your test will be taken by the leader of this faction.
•In case of failure,Do not spam the topic or pm admins.
•Its the leaders choice if he wants to pass you, even if you pass.

Read the requirements and learn them before going to attend the test.
                          APPLICATION FORMAT
-Your in-game name
-Your shooting skill
-Your playing hours
-Why do you want to be an national guard?
-Any friends in this faction?

.            Screenshot of stats.
The leader of this faction is Devis.

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